woensdag 16 oktober 2013

Fall break: craft time!

I'm enjoying a short fall break, one week of sewing, knitting and crochet. And a short trip to Berlin as well. Lucky me!

The sewing resulted in a new bag and a small wallet... just in time to take to Berlin.
Some of the fabric was bought on previous trips to New York and Tokyo (!) and others around the corner in my hometown and "worktown".  Nice to see how they match.

The technique of quilting in straight lines and adding fabric on the go I got from the "Oh Fransson-blog" by Elizabeth Hartman. I loved it! It is really easy and gives a nice texture.

And now for the results:
the other side of the bag
and the litte wallet
The sewing of the snap closure was not as easy as I expected. I must admit some of the thread is showing on the inside. But don't you love the deer with the glasses?! Fabric bought in Tokyo as well.
Maybe I can find some nice fabric in Berlin as well... mmm... were to go?! 

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